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Re: My roadmap for a better Fedora

2008/11/19 Callum Lerwick <seg haxxed com>:
> 1) Make it easy to report bugs. Bugzilla is complex, slow, and
> inscrutable. We need to put a simpler layer on top of it. Reporting a
> bug should require just a few clicks. It should automatically include
> all the information needed for the bug report, the distro version,
> package version, arch, and things such as how the Xorg team demands your
> xorg.conf and Xorg.0.log. Make finding dupes easier. Collect stack
> traces system wide and enter them in a database, which bugzilla can
> reference and from which bugzilla bugs can be derived. A system wide
> kerneloops. (I know this has been talked about, what's the status?)

Maybe you can help do what's necessary to get apport integrated into
our infrastructure.
> 2) Make it simple to roll back to a known good state. We need a "system
> restore". I know what you're thinking, but our vastly superior,
> centralized, system-wide package management (and lack of a whole
> seperate "system registry" namespace) allows us to make this actually
> work. We need per-package rollback. Period.

Let me point out that rollback itself would require testing.
Obsoletes, triggers, (un)post/pre scripts, config file handling... all
this rpm functionality complicates how successful rollbacks are to get
you back to a restored system state. How are we going to test if a
rollback works before you ask people to perform the rollback?

Just start with obsoletes... describe to me how we rollback after an
obsolete calculation has occurred as part of an update transaction.


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