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Re: F11 Proposal: Stabilization

2008/11/18 Mark Bidewell <mark bidewell alumni clemson edu>:
> On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 5:51 AM, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org>
> wrote:
>> Jon Masters wrote:
>>> I disagree. Various other communities (and distributions) have made a
>>> point out of "stable" releases where the "big ticket" feature is
>>> stabilization,
>> Can you point out such communities and distros and tell us what they have
> Of the top of my head, CentOS and Debian come to mind.  Some might also put
> Ubuntu LTS and OpenSUSE in that list as well.

I find it amusing you give CentOS as your first example. Given it's
based directly on Fedora.

All those other distributions are able to give stability because WE
gave it to them. WE blazed the trail, and in turn WE take the shit for
it. Without us, they would either become us or stagnate and die.
Someone has to do it.

Fedora is the Mercedes S-Class of distributions. (Car analogy alert!)


Regressions are inevitable. Why are people afraid of regressions?
Because it breaks their system. Why are people so afraid of breaking
their system? Because they're afraid they can't fix it.

Solution: Make recovery from regressions easy. So easy a trained
monkey could do it. Make it routine. Make it familiar and
non-threatening. Make it a normal part of everyone's daily life.

Embrace change. Embrace regressions, instability and bugs. Fedora is
Extreme Linux. I posted my roadmap for doing this in the "My roadmap
for a better Fedora" thread.


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