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Re: F11 Proposal: Stabilization

Callum Lerwick wrote:

Regressions are inevitable. Why are people afraid of regressions?
Because it breaks their system. Why are people so afraid of breaking
their system? Because they're afraid they can't fix it.

Solution: Make recovery from regressions easy. So easy a trained
monkey could do it. Make it routine. Make it familiar and
non-threatening. Make it a normal part of everyone's daily life.

The problem is that the reason you want to recover is that there were bugs in what you installed. The same reason for having bugs in what you installed is going to cause you to have bugs in your recovery mechanism. So, while this is a reasonable thing to want, it is not reasonable to depend on it to work every time. Something like a clonezilla image copy off to an external disk or network storage might be safe, but not always convenient.

Embrace change. Embrace regressions, instability and bugs. Fedora is
Extreme Linux. I posted my roadmap for doing this in the "My roadmap
for a better Fedora" thread.

It's only really extreme when you are the first one running a particular package in a particular environment. If I had a handy way to run updates on a test machine a week or two before getting exactly that same update on a more critical machine (and bailing completely when problems are found) I'd be a lot less concerned about regressions.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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