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Re: My roadmap for a better Fedora

2008/11/19, Bill Nottingham <notting redhat com>:
> Because it's not a one-way communication (at least, not if you want it
>  to be effective.)

I think you misundestood something. If order to effectively hunt
issues, we definitely need HUGE number of bugreports (remember
Necrosoft's "Send crash dump" utility). That definitely means one-way
communication. I'm insisting - one-way communication (e.g. user will
send bugreport to invisible-to-him blackhole, w/o answer, with some
handy tool).

Bugzilla is (probably) suitable for large ineffective  developer's
teams with large amounts of old, dying, poorly maintained code.

Bugzilla is in no way suitable to help hear crying of users (because,
as I said before, it's too complex). That means we have no tools and
communication channels, to track down enduser's problems, at all. Some
of us sometimes will fill bugreports (in some extraordinary cases),
but  it's not enough.

Mediawiki will be easier to enduser in case of reporting bugs. However
some easiest utility (with appropriate server side, of course) would
be more appropriate.

With best regards!

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