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Re: My roadmap for a better Fedora

> I think you misundestood something. If order to effectively hunt
> issues, we definitely need HUGE number of bugreports (remember
> Necrosoft's "Send crash dump" utility). That definitely means one-way
> communication. I'm insisting - one-way communication (e.g. user will
> send bugreport to invisible-to-him blackhole, w/o answer, with some
> handy tool).

As someone who actually has to fix bugs, this is completely useless to
me.  I want a bug with good information on how to reproduce it, good
logs or tracebacks, and a reporter who's going to be able to answer my
questions about what they were doing.

A drive-by bug assault is going to do nothing but bury me in useless bug
reports that someone will have to spend time picking through and duping
to one that might actually be useful.  Such bug reports are better off
never existing.

- Chris

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