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Re: F11: things to check in a release tree before a release

On Wed, 19 Nov 2008 16:03:28 -0600, Chris Adams wrote:

> I'd suggest expanding that to check perl (and other language) module
> provides as well.
> For example, for a while MRTG included a private copy of the RRD perl
> modules, and "mrtg" was shorter than "rrdtool-perl", so anything using
> the RRD modules would auto-dep pull in MRTG (which didn't solve the
> dep).

Yes, useful.


perl-SOAP-Lite  from  perl-SOAP-Lite
    provides perl(LWP::Protocol)
perl-libwww-perl  from  perl-libwww-perl
    provides perl(LWP::Protocol) EQ 0 1.46
    required by: 1:perl-LDAP-0.34-4.fc9.noarch
    required by: perl-libwww-perl-5.808-7.fc9.noarch

Several of such conflicts have been fixed. Others have become victims of
the early bug-triaging madness. Such conflicts pop up like mushrooms (Mono
also adds several suspicious ones). Sometimes one can find obsolete Perl

perl  from  perl
    provides perl(TAP::Parser::Source) EQ 0 3.12
perl-TAP-Harness  from  perl-TAP-Harness
    provides perl(TAP::Parser::Source) EQ 0 3.10
    required by: perl-TAP-Harness-3.10-1.fc9.noarch
    required by: 4:perl-5.10.0-38.fc10.i386

If you really want to check all sorts of multiple Provides, that'll be
a long list with a lot that must be white-listed.

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