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Re: starting Fedora Server SIG

Les Mikesell wrote:
Jesse Keating wrote:
On Wed, 2008-11-19 at 13:24 -0600, Les Mikesell wrote:
Agreed, but when the kernel hardware detection order was predictable, this was simple. Now it isn't.

When was it predictable?  Even in the 2.4 era, we'd get one chassis
barebones from a vender like supermicro and the nic order would be one
way, then next month we'd order the same chassis barebones and the nics
would be picked up in a different order.  Even more fun is when they'd
change with a kernel update, so that the kernel we installed with had
one order, and the kernel we updated to and rebooted to had it in a
different order.

I'm pretty sure I cloned Centos 3.x across at least 50 IBM 336's with the NICs always being chosen in the same order.

That is just being lucky. Even in 2.4 kernel the order wasn't always predictable. It changed and there was a post from Linus in LKML about considering making it deliberately random to avoid any misconceptions that it can always be predictable. It includes details on why it isn't as well. I am sure you can find good references.


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