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Re: source file audit - 2008-11-14

On Wed, 19 Nov 2008 17:55:10 -0800
a badger gmail com (Toshio Kuratomi) wrote:

> Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> > Here's attached another run of my sources/patches url checker. 
> > Sorry for the delay in re-running this. 
> > 
> > Hopefully I will start running it again at the first of each month. 
> > 
> > - There are 912 lines in this run. Up from 662 last run.
> > This is a pretty sad increase. ;( 
> > 
> > toshio:BADURL:pygpgme-0.1.tar.gz:pygpgme
> This one works.  It's hosted on pypi.  If they start blocking IP
> addresses that would really suck for us.

--10:38:57--  http://cheeseshop.python.org/packages/source/p/pygpgme/pygpgme-0.1.tar.gz
Resolving cheeseshop.python.org...
Connecting to cheeseshop.python.org||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found
10:38:58 ERROR 404: Not Found.

Odd. Still doing this here. 
However, it's working fine with a wget... perhaps they are blocking the
agent that spectool -g uses? (which I am not sure what it reports). 


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