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reportbug? [Was: Re: My roadmap for a better Fedora]

On 2008-11-19, 18:38 GMT, Callum Lerwick wrote:
> 1) Make it easy to report bugs. Bugzilla is complex, slow, and
> inscrutable. We need to put a simpler layer on top of it. Reporting a
> bug should require just a few clicks.

In my checkerd past is a long streak of using Debian. There 
I really liked reportbug script -- in my opinion, reporting bug 
should not include any clicks at all.

The beauty of such script is that it is able to collect all 
necessary information itself and it could theoretically carry 
some database of information needed for the particular component.  
Or it could do even some light pre-processing of the information?

Still it could do much more than whatever we can even dream about 
with the web form no matter how many clicks we require -- I am 
afraid that in case of web forms there is a direct relationship
between usefulness of information and number of clicks required.



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