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Re: My roadmap for a better Fedora

On 2008-11-19, 21:23 GMT, Peter Lemenkov wrote:
> I think you misundestood something. If order to effectively 
> hunt issues, we definitely need HUGE number of bugreports 
> (remember Necrosoft's "Send crash dump" utility). That 
> definitely means one-way communication. I'm insisting - one-way 
> communication (e.g. user will send bugreport to 
> invisible-to-him blackhole, w/o answer, with some handy tool).

Pardon me for interrupting here, but in my humble opinion the 
previous paragraph is the very good example of the thing which we 
should avoid by any means legally permissible.

Such tool might be useful for crashes (because there it is highly 
probable that victim of crash files a bug and then you have 
choice between poorly filed bug or well filed one (and even there 
I would question the utility of such thing -- ask Gnome and 
Mozilla folks about their experience).

However, most bugs are not crashes (or at least in the world of 
Xorg and gecko where I spent my working hours) and there the 
communication with reporter is absolutely essential.

> Mediawiki will be easier to enduser in case of reporting bugs.  


If the reporters are not able to complete prefiled form, why do 
you think they would be doing any better to compose the text 


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