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Re: source file audit - 2008-11-14

On Wed, 2008-11-19 at 17:09 -0700, Kevin Fenzi wrote:

> caolanm:BADSOURCE:writer2latex0502.zip:writer2latex
> caolanm:BADSOURCE:icu4c-4_0-src.tgz:icu
> caolanm:BADSOURCE:myspell-af_ZA-20060117.zip:hunspell-af
> caolanm:BADSOURCE:myspell-nr_ZA-20060120.zip:hunspell-nr

With these ones upstream repacked the sources (bah), so it's great
to get the notification that they changed.

> caolanm:BADSOURCE:OOo-Thesaurus2-sk_SK.zip:mythes-sk
> caolanm:BADSOURCE:thes_de_DE_v2.zip:mythes-de
> caolanm:BADURL:sjp-myspell-pl-20080823.zip:hunspell-pl

With these ones though, the problem is that (with many dictionary and
thesaurus projects) upstream either rolls along continuously making
(sometimes daily) refreshes with new words and meanings, either 
reusing the same tarball name (BADSOURCE), or a date based one where
after a certain time the old one is removed (BADURL). 

So is it better practice for me in these cases to keep a full Source:
link correct as to the time of packaging, or better to chop off the path
and just leave the basename so they get skipped from the audit test ?
FWIW in my own "see if there have been newer releases" script I have
them tagged as date-base releases with a one month window before they
are marked as having a newer release available.


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