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Re: What do we need from Bugzilla? (was: My roadmap for a better Fedora)

Arthur Pemberton wrote:
My question is, what do we need/want/like from Bugzilla?
- be able to note a weirdity, failure to configure correctly etc, that is listed firstly as an issue, and could progress to a bug = triaged to repeatable steps. alternately, it moves to a FAQ (solve it with a few simple steps), or a detailed config howto page (ie user just wants free config help).

- prompt the reporter for symptom, with clear examples:
  - box wouldn't start in normal graphical desktop
  - box wouldn't get to boot
  - service failed to start
  - app failed to start at all
  - text application stopped, saying SEGFAULT
  - application showed a bug/crash dialog
  - application disappeared from my screen
  - app function didn't work as it previously did
  - app function didn't work as expected
  - desktop stopped responding
  - box stopped responding
ie: to a person of basic computer knowledge, what did the issue look like

- a separate by-line for me-too comments (eg I got that on x86_64, I got it on a "piece of old carpet" things that people tend to add to bugzilla / bugs.launchpad etc. These can server as breadth of issue marker, but aren't really clarifying a bug, with option to add hardware id from smolt. [ x ] I experienced this symptom and my smolt hardware dsecription is [http://smotls.y.z/12345656]

    - a way to mark a me-too comment as "me-too".

- a link to a workaround eg in wiki or similar

- text to flow properly when you don't have the browser window full screen width; currently especially the top fields in the window. - comment body to be able to flow to the full width of the window, not restricted by invisible right hand side images/columns whatever. - auto wrap for long <pre> lines, perhaps inserting " \" at end of each line.

- helper for what the bug component might be, perhaps drilling down through queries like [at boot, before login, after login, running program]...

- once a component is selected, provide fedoraproject links {open in new tab} like:
  - bug.r.c open bugs for that component
  - bug.r.c all most recent 25 bugs for that component
- link to viewcvs toplevel for the package {devel links with pretty icons}
  - link to most recent commits for the package
  - list to all koji builds for package.
  - list to bodhi info for package, especially comment/karma page
- show most recent updates and updates-testing packages, with recent changelogs
  - a way to trigger yum/PK check for update and offer to install it.
  - "  "   "   "       "  "   "     "  update-testing and offer to install
  - "  "   "   "       "  "   "     "  rawhide and offer to install

Just some thought, DaveT.

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