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Re: What do we need from Bugzilla? (was: My roadmap for a better Fedora)

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le Jeu 20 novembre 2008 12:29, Matej Cepl a écrit :
On 2008-11-19, 22:47 GMT, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
There are several competing products, and I doubt we engineer
type people use it "just because". I'm also assuming that we
use it for reasons other than because of RedHat.
Well, to make your list shorter (i.e., with one item):

* To be able to support number of products, components, users,
  hits per second as Bugzilla does. Problem I heard of all
  competing products (trac, jira, etc.) is that they are lovely
  when you are talking about one project with few components, but
  when you get to clustering databases and similar magic, all of
  them fail pretty badly.
* of course, open source -- just to be safe that there isn't some
  Microsoft/Oracle/whatever closed source thing, which can manage

Add to this
- feature completeness

True, but kind of redundant. This thread seems purposed to define what "feature completeness" means for us.

- familiar UI

I've always hated these sorts of requirements. "Its wrong, but we should keep it because its always been wrong." WTF?! Let them adapt and survive. If we were always worried about this sort of thing we'd still be using Windows, and most of the reason Windows is crap largely because of its insistence on stone-age-compliance.

- integration with upstream issue trackers (which are often bugzilla too)

Does Bugzilla really do much in this regard? It doesn't seem to. Launchpad is supposed to grow good cross-site integration features just before it goes open source, but we've been waiting on both of those things for awhile now (and also Launchpad sucks. A lot.) Either way I think a new bug tracker would be an opportunity to improve on this point.

For all its cranks bugzilla is familiar to a lot of bug reporters that
use all the features added over time.

Any replacement must be at least as feature-full as bugzilla (not
simpler because it forgets to do some stuff) and offer a bugzilla-like
mode for existing reporters that do not have the time to learn yet
another reporting UI.

I'll add another bulletpoint.
- Must be something we can talk RHEL in to using.

Fedora and RHEL need to be in the same bug tracker. That's probably the biggest obstacle.


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