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Re: What do we need from Bugzilla? (was: My roadmap for a better Fedora)

On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 12:57 PM, Casey Dahlin <cdahlin redhat com> wrote:
>  Launchpad
> is supposed to grow good cross-site integration features just before it goes
> open source, but we've been waiting on both of those things for awhile now
> (and also Launchpad sucks. A lot.) Either way I think a new bug tracker
> would be an opportunity to improve on this point.

Maybe this changed, but I am pretty sure that LaunchPad is closed source.

> I'll add another bulletpoint.
> - Must be something we can talk RHEL in to using.
> Fedora and RHEL need to be in the same bug tracker. That's probably the
> biggest obstacle.

Agreed. Which is one of the major driving factors for this
questionnaire thread. I figure Bugzilla must be doing some things

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