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Re: where's the wish list for F11?

Seth Vidal wrote:

On Thu, 20 Nov 2008, sean darcy wrote:

Being a user from os/x I'm surprised there's no simple method for installing system wide Type1 fonts ( same for TT ? ). FWIW, I've been unable to find instructions on how to do it from command line. The Fedora Users list just suggested I install using yum (sigh).

What's wrong with using yum?

yum search type1
yum install any_of_the_things_returned_by_that_search

and there a bunch returned by that search

In any event, IMHO, it's a major oversight that we can't install 3rd party fonts, which would nice to see fixed in F11. So where do I make my plea?

Oh, I see you want 3rd party fonts. Then make a package and install them the same way.


First, I'm a great yum fan. And you are the man. No irony or sarcasm.

But... I use a lot of 3rd party fonts that aren't open, like most designers. It's weird/strange/peculiar there's no system-config-fonts that would allow us to install them.

So no disrespect to yum ( or you).


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