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Re: What do we need from Bugzilla? (was: My roadmap for a better Fedora)

Well, also otrs (http://otrs.org/) is a very good bug tracking system, it is distribuited with GPL licence, have ITIL complaince (http://www.otrs.com/en/tools/faq/  ) . It is also possible to integrate with Nagios or openNMS. Can be useful to follow also this link
http://www.novell.com/partnerguide/product/201509.html (just for another ref - not for  other thing :=)  ). The "Remedy" to OTRS migration could be of interest to someone.


On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 11:47 PM, Arthur Pemberton <pemboa gmail com> wrote:
This question is (for now) most a question of interest and curiosity.
Maybe one day I may be bored and try to rewrite Bugzilla, who knows.

My question is, what do we need/want/like from Bugzilla? There are
several competing products, and I doubt we engineer type people use it
"just because". I'm also assuming that we use it for reasons other
than because of RedHat.

Can the unique features be enumerated for me?

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