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Re: What do we need from Bugzilla? (was: My roadmap for a better Fedora)

On Wed November 19 2008, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> This question is (for now) most a question of interest and curiosity.
> Maybe one day I may be bored and try to rewrite Bugzilla, who knows.

If you want to write a Bugtracker for Fedora, it would be nice to support the 
special needs of Fedora. What I am missing is the possibility of having 
several people beeing responsible for a Component, which is currently only 
partly possible. There is the initial CC list, but when a bug is reassigned 
to a different component, the members of the initial CC list of the old 
component are not removed from the list.

Also it is not easily possible store within one bug report which Fedora 
release and which package versions are affected. The NEVR of the package is 
only added by some reporters in the initial comment, but not within some 
dedicated field. Also having several bug reports for the same bug but on 
different Fedora releases would mean to create up to four bug reports, with 
independend CC lists and independant comment flows, but most of the comments 
would be normally relevant to all Fedora releases.


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