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Re: What do we need from Bugzilla? (was: My roadmap for a better Fedora)

* Les Mikesell [21/11/2008 15:16] :
> If someone does this right, maybe it would be possible to cascade all  
> the way up from user/site/enterprise instances and a working version  

It could be done. This is why so much work has been done on the XML-RPC
workings for Bugzilla 3.2.

> included in the distribution would have templates for all the packages  
> and a checkbox for whether or not to push a specific entry upstream or  
> not.

Deciding to push a bug upstream or not cannot be reduced to checking a
box or pushing a button. You need to search the upstream bug tracker
before submitting and link your bug to an already existing bug in
upstream if it already exists, fill in new fields and make sure that
the fields that are dropped don't make the bug incomprehensible.


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