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Re: where's the wish list for F11?

Le vendredi 21 novembre 2008 à 10:00 -0500, sean darcy a écrit :

> But can't this be done without making an rpm package ( which may or may 
> not raise legal issues).

Installing anything via an rpm will be just as legal (or not) as
installing it by other means

> I'm looking for something much simpler: I go buy/get a font;  I open 
> fonts-filesystem/system-config-fonts/whatever ; I point it to the font ( 
> Type1, TT, etc); and the font is installed.

So you're asking for a font-specific installation method.
Why not add a clipart-specific one? And a templates-specific one? And a
palette-specific one?

This quickly ends up an unmanageable mess wasting the time of everyone

You already have a limited user-level font installation method for
casual users (or had, a bug is open to resurect it). Anything more
complex, such as a system-wide method needing to replicate all the work
we already do in rpm, is a waste of resources.

> Making an rpm package of the font first seems to make this more involved 
> than it needs to be.

The key word here is seems. Like many other "shortcuts", trying to avoid
making an rpm will end up a lot more work unless you really know what
you're doing (which you only will after having made a few rpms).

Nicolas Mailhot

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