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Re: RFC: fix summary text for lots of packages

2008/11/23 Michael Schwendt <mschwendt gmail com>:
> Many, *many* people (except for fan-boys and people who are told to search
> for a specific brand) don't care at all about the name of a program when
> searching for a program. When they see the word "Thunar" it doesn't ring
> any bell. Instead, it makes them nervous as they don't know whether it
> matters to know what "Thunar". It could also be a special environment
> which they don't know and don't want. Adding the program name makes such a
> summary (and in turn the package) less attractive to these people. With
> the shorter summary "File manager" they are more willing to try out the
> software they don't know yet.

If what you say was true nobody would search and use Microsoft Office,
Adobe Photoshop, Internet Explorer, Oracle and even Coca Cola.

Sorry, you are plain wrong about this. We live in a world of branding,
where branding recognition is important and it starts from the name.

Many Open Source organization do branding too! Firefox, Samba, Fedora
and MySQL and brands and their controlling organizations promote these



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