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Re: shortening time passed in bodhi?

On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 09:47:43AM -0800, Jesse Keating wrote:
> The compose is the process that:
> 1) gets a list of pending requests
> 2) signs them accordingly
> 3) asks bodhi to push the pending requests
> 4) moves packages within tags accordingly in koji
> 5) uses mash to create new repos for:
>   5.1) dist-f8-updates
>   5.2) dist-f8-updates-testing
>   5.3) dist-f9-updates
>   5.4) dist-f9-updates-testing
>   5.5) dist-f10-updates
>   5.6) dist-f10-updates-testing
> 6) makes those repos multilib (still mash here)
> 7) generates update metadata for the above repos (which updates are
> bugfix, security, need reboot, etc...)
> 8) touch appropriate bugs in bugzilla based on bodhi requests
> 9) wait for rsync to finish
> 10) send mails to fedora-package-announce
> 11) set all states correct in bodhi itself for the pending requests
> That's the rough outline, and I likely have a few of the steps out of
> order, and some of that is done in parallel. 

Indeed, that's a lot of steps. But what steps take so long? There are
some steps that I don't really understand, but I can't see which one
would take more than some minutes, except maybe 9) if there are a lot of
packages -- and 4) if 4) involves transferring the packages. In any case
I guess that you know what you are doing, so my questions are certainly
very naive.

Also I am not really knowledgable, but maybe 9) could be done right 
after 7), if it is a long step?

> > Is it what forces to go first in pending?
> I'm not sure what you mean by this question.

You answered above.


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