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Re: RFC: Changing default filesystem parameters for power management reasons

tor 2008-11-27 klockan 15:33 +0000 skrev Matthew Garrett:

> I'd like F11 to be more useful for disk power management.


> The first is relatime. I've just pushed Ingo's smarter relatime code 
> towards upstream again.

Go for it!

> Thirdly, I'd like to enable laptop mode by default.

Are we talking of writing "5" into /proc/sys/vm/laptop_mode like for
desktops, servers, and laptops on mains power?

IIRC gnome-power-manager automatically enables this when the system goes
to run from battery, so I recon the idea is to make the laptop mode a
generic power-conservative mode, then should that be reflected in the
mainline kernel somehow by renaming said interface to ecosystem_mode or

Is this really good for datacenter machines like database servers and
such, if we make it default?

> Any thoughts?

Great initiative!

You're mainly planning for kernel-level features for the whole line of
use cases and not at the level of userland tools like
gnome-power-manager that we currently rely on quite extensively to
manage power for desktops and laptops?


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