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Re: PulseAudio info needed

2008/11/28, drago01 <drago01 gmail com>:

> For example device hotplug is something that people expect from a
>  modern operating system.

Modern operating system is sometimes installed on modern hardware
platform, that means that there is no need in hotplugging of devices
which functionality is already included in 99% of cases (except the
case with bluetooth audio - bluetooth phone sets is the different
case). Yes, I repeat - PA need in a very little amount of cases (I
mean - you should use different distro).

> they support a subset of what pa is doing besides they have a
>  different goal than pa (pa isn't "just another sound server")

I still insist - you should learn more about already shipped and
stable solutions.

>  btw you are trying to solve the problem in the wrong way:
>  "app A has bugs, don't ship it" vs "app A has bugs, find the causes
>  and fix them"

More than 5 years ago I've got a experience in deploying
multimedia-server for multiroom systems, and I still remember
something regarding this development area. Even in 2002 JACK already
has a ability to combine different audio cards into one or split into
many. Since then it receives the ability of networking sound.

>From my PoV, there is no need to create something from the ground
(thus repeating numerous error, which already fixed many times) except
the case then you're not the guy with NIH syndrome. More easiest way
is to help to  add some functionality to already existed mature
project (btw JACK included in Fedora).

I believe is that Fedora may have great benefits from JACK as a
defauld soundserver. Too sad, that Fedora heads decided to write
something from scratch. I still wonder why (probably - it's another
example of poor development management).

However its still not too late to drop this semi-working student's
cheap stuff in favor of something more reliable.

With best regards!

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