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Multiple packages from one tarball and spec file

My questions concerning projects which are from SVN and not tarballs hasn't yet been answered. Some projects don't release tarballs or haven't released recent ones (and may not). Are this acceptable in Fedora?

Additionally, I have several packages I am thinking of doing (some of which I have spec files for already). However, I am displeased with a few of them that come from one tarball. There are several options (crm114, dspam, or mailing back-ends for example) for dovecot-antispam. The problem is, you cannot build one module for dovecot that does them all, so the module has to be rebuilt with slightly different options and must conflict with all other dovecot-antispam RPMs. Is possible from one spec file and tarball? This would require different setup, build, install and package setups. This is because the same module would be built for each area, need to be packaged, and then move onto the rest.

Thank you for any help on the first paragraph or the second.


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