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F10 beta: live img boot vs installed boot

This is on a T61 (nVidia Quadro NVS 140M).

The Live i686 image works SUPERBLY from a 4G USB stick. I can even hot-plug a external monitor, run the screen resolution and voila monitor is auto-detected and dual-head can be configured dynamically. Holy Wayne Lord of the Malt Beverages, it just works! I ran into a few bugs, but nothing too drastic (live img won't boot when external monitor is plugged in, changing the desktop font size doesn't update existing desktop icons).

I successfully installed the live image onto a 8G USB stick. However booting the 8G stick does not work. The boot behaviour is very different: it's booting in a text mode with a bottom text "progress bar". Once the progress bar becomes all white, the system just hangs there. No mingetty to escape to, no error messages. How can I provide more information ?


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