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Re: Pseudo-locales for i18n testing by English speakers

Le Jeu 2 octobre 2008 10:01, Sean Flanigan a écrit :
> Ding-Yi Chen wrote:
>> The pseudo locale is intriguing, and I assume it helps at some
>> degree.
>> However, this approach does have its own limitation:
> Of course, pseudo-localisation testing is not the same as localisation
> testing in every Fedora language, but it's something!
>> 1. Lack of font support: as the attachment "lack_of_font.png" shows,
>> the
>> pseudo locale might be rendered useless if all developers can see
>> are
>> unicode boxes. :-P
> That tells me that the developers should install better fonts, or how
> else can they test an internationalised application?

Install the distro default font set, it should cover most everything

> But to be
> honest,
> I probably shouldn't have used
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mathematical_alphanumeric_symbols since
> they're only guaranteed to be available in certain mathematical fonts
> such as Code2001.

We have stix

> But how can I find the name of the font which provides a given
> character?

Answer in the fonts SIG wiki

Looking at your interests and questions, you should really read it and
join the SIG (same for other interested people)

Nicolas Mailhot

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