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Re: serial console config

On Thu, 2008-10-02 at 09:56 -0400, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Jon Masters (jonathan jonmasters org) said: 
> > What's the recommended way to configure a serial console in Fedora 9
> > with upstart? /etc/event.d/serial requires some fedora-centric event to
> > be emitted but I'm not sure where this is supposed to be generated.
> >From udev.
> > <aside> time was, you could just setup a serial console in 3 seconds, I
> > guess I'm pining for the good old days...or some documentation.
> cp /etc/event.d/tty1 /etc/event.d/my_serial_console. Edit as appropriate.

Ah, thanks for the replies guys but I'm not sure my original point was
clear. I can fudge this as much as the next guy but there's a designated
serial file in that event.d directory that is clearly supposed to be
getting some kind of event trigger to start the console. Consequently,
there's supposedly some new "Fedora way" to do serial consoles that
isn't locatable in Google, nobody here has mentioned, and is
undocumented. If nobody knows, why does that file exist?

So my question was more of a WTF about that serial file.


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