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I'm new to Fedora and am interested in helping get GNUstep included into Fedora. I'm one of the original developers of GNUstep but have long since moved up into user space, so I have the ulterior motive that I can get my own free software research tools (which depend on GNUstep) packaged into Fedora too some day!

Anyways, I discovered that the topic has come up recently and the discussion summarized in Fedora weekly news:


so I've read through the emails and tried as much as I could to understand the issues related to the GNUstep directory structure fitting with the FHS. I'm not an expert in FSH, so don't think I can say straight out what I think the best solution, but I offer some opinions.

Development using GNUstep can produce a number of different products, the core ones being:


Now tools and libraries are well-known concepts, a tool is a command- line program typically self-contained, and a library is a binary object with some header files. The other products are different in that they are wrappers for a directory structure and a set of files. Applications are graphical programs, frameworks are library wrappers and bundles are executable code to be dynamically loaded at runtime. They are wrappers because there are many files involved, take an application, beside the executable object it has files for GUI elements, configuration, localized strings, localized GUI elements, images, sounds, other media, etc. etc., all kinds of resources as they are called. A sophisticated application could easily have hundreds of such resource files, frameworks and bundles can have any set of resources files as well.

So my suggestion would be:

* tools mostly but also sometimes libraries can have clear role outside GNUstep, so it is appropriate to treat them as such. My suggestion would be FHS and flattened, so that they get install in expected places like ${_bindir} and %{_libdir}.

* let applications, frameworks and bundles live within the pure GNUstep layout.

I'm sure I didn't touch on many of the issues that were brought up, so I look forward to your comments!


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