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Re: Uniform Proxy Settings

Horst H. von Brand wrote:
Simon Andrews <simon andrews bbsrc ac uk> wrote:
One suggestion to get around this would be to run a proxy on localhost
and make all proxy aware applications use that in their default
install. This wouldn't actually have to do any caching - just act as a
common point at which behaviour could actually be changed without the
cooperation of the programs.


No arguement from me - however it's pretty analagous to the situation we shipped with NetorkManager installing bind so that DNS settings could be changed on the fly, so there is some precendent here.

We could then put hooks into NetworkManager to change the behaviour of
the local proxy so that it either sends its requests directly to the
internet, or routes them via a secondary proxy.

This all feels a bit icky to me - but I can't think of a nicer way of
doing this which doesn't require the cooperation of the authors of
every proxy-aware application.

This is papering over the (very real) bugs in the applications (Yes, I do
consider not getting and resetting proxy and other network settings
transparently a bug), at a very real cost for all users.

The trouble is that any cleaner solution requires the cooperation of all application developers to implement. Also, speaking as an application developer who writes network aware applications why the hell should this be my problem? Surely the presence/absence of a proxy is something which should be handled at a lower level that the application. My application doesn't care about the routing tables on your machine so long as my connections get through, so why should it have to care about whether you're running a proxy?


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