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Re: trash-cli : Looking for a reviewer

On Monday 06 October 2008 12:39:52 Tim Niemueller wrote:
> That has been discussed during the review and the reasoning was that the
> project chose that name and renaming it would only cause unexpected
> hassles for people who install this software. 

> Upstream chose that name, 

Perhaps this discussion should be taken in upstream like
other enhancements.

> so if we want that package we should stick to it, if only to allow users
> to reproduce commands given in documentation, wikis, blogs etc.

That's true and gives another good reason for upstream.

> Additionally your very repoquery shows that there are in fact no
> conflicts, so why bother?

Because it confuses new users, logical naming would make it
easier to learn new tools.

> My two cents for the samba files like net and profiles: they are too
> generic because they suggest to provide functionality beyond the bounds
> of samba, 

Postgresql has this problem too:


I think all those should have pg_ prefix. Samba could 
have smb_, whatever.


I've many times writen my<tab> to see what's available. With
pgsql you need to do rpm -ql postgresql|less. So it's also 
an usability issue.

Another naming mess is the /etc/init.d/ names.
Some end to 'd', some doesn't.


Varo hattupäisiä autoilijoita.

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