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Re: tab completion less useful now, due to sbin in path

Jon Stanley wrote:
The proper time to voice objections to this would have been there, 6
weeks ago now.

That statement would be correct if you were being criticized for trying the change. But the criticism is about the consequence of the change and that is always an open issue. Especially since there are many people who are affected by this change who aren't subscribed to this particular list.
And to belabor the point even more, are there commands in the CURRENT
default path that can't be executed by normal users? You better
believe it! Following is from my F8 system:

$ ping -f
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
ping: cannot flood; minimal interval, allowed for user, is 200ms

Following your reasoning, I propose we move ping to /sbin. Not a very
sound course of reasoning, is it?

Please respond to the objection itself. There is a big difference between "program can't be run" and "parameter can't be used". The latter is not a path issue. You would have made a better point with "yum" whose primary functionality needs root privileges but has user level options like list.

BTW, I am very surprised that there are people out there who know how to use "ifconfig" but don't know how to use "locate ifconfig | grep bin " to see if the command really exists. I would expect to have the issue show up more for people who expect to use ipconfig. So if you are worried about scaring away newbies by making them think about system admin functions, I suggest that you implement ipconfig.

If opinions count in this thread, I would personally want to see command completion limited to what I have in my path. And I don't want "/sbin" in my default path when I am not acting as a sys-admin.

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