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Re: trash-cli : Looking for a reviewer

On Tue, Oct 07, 2008 at 11:32:27AM +0200, Tim Niemueller wrote:
> And usability should be a very high priority goal. Even if you structure
> it in beauty and perfection, if it does not solve the task efficiently
> and easily (and to the user's liking) you have killed the feature.

Choosing a non-generic name will never 'kill a feature' otherwise we
would have a very limited set of packages...

> That Debian does it doesn't make renaming any better. For some things it
> causes confusion and for some things it shows disrespect to upstream.
> Things look different if that is communicated with upstream and agreed upon.

I am certainly not saying that what debian does is good for fedora, but
debian has always have more packages than fedora and they are facing
this issue since more time.

> > neutrally selfish. This is a coordination issue not the war of names, I
> > am by no way implying that 'they did it to eliminate competition or
> > whatever', it was a name that sounds good to them. But they don't look
> > at the biggest usability and compatibility picture.
> And they should not have to. Why should distros dictate that? It's in

It is not distros who should dictate that. It is collective benefits.
A point relevant to fedora is that distros are more likely to be aware 
about these coordination failures because in a sense they are 
coordinating collections of softwares, but upstreams should also be
proactively working to avoid those coordination failures linked with
misused names.

> every project's own interest to choose a name which does not collide
> with the name of another project. But besides that the project is free
> to chose a name that fits the project best. 

No, there is also a responsibility in not misusing scarce words.

> Probably I'm slightly
> missing the point because it's more about naming binaries, not whole
> projects. But for the two examples of binary names (trash and player) I
> feel that it wouldn't be a good idea to "just rename" it in Fedora.
> Especially since there is no evident conflict, only maybe if you
> actively look for a potential one on the web...

The fact that there is no conflict is irrelevant. It shows that other
project providing such functionalities (especially for player) were
responsible enough not to use a generic word without caution.


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