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Re: Remove a branch directory completely from cvs

On Tue October 7 2008, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> On Tue, 07 Oct 2008 17:26:38 +0200
> (Till Maas) wrote:

> > according to the UsingCvsFaq[1] one can remove a branch directory
> > from cvs with "cvs remove". I tried this, but it seems not to work. I
> > removed the "FC-1" directory from pam_mount, but when I cvs co'ed the
> > pam_mount directory again, an empty "FC-1" directory appeared. Is
> > there some parameter I can pass to "cvs remove" to get the directory
> > removed, too?
> Why are you needing to do this?
> Granted, not many people should need to look at what was in FC-1 much,
> but it's possible there could be something there someone would want to
> look at, and now all the files in there are marked dead, so it's more
> of a chore to get them to look at.

Using the viewcvs webinterface, it is pretty easy to get the dead files:

I guess there is also some commandline option that allows to easily access 
these files.

> Perhaps we could look at archiving off all those old branches if they
> are causing a problem?

After I got this working, the next step was to suggest to remove all old 
branches (F-7 and older) for every package in the near future.

The reason why I want this done, is that they mess up some packages, where 
there are now 10 or more branch directories. Also it takes unecessarily long 
for to checkout packages. Especially packages that not only have many 
branches, but also a lot of patches.


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