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Re: CMake!

On Fri, 10.10.08 22:39, Kevin Kofler (kevin kofler chello at) wrote:

> > > If you want upstream to stop using libtool altogether, find a
> > > suitable replacement and convince the Automake developers to use
> > > it instead.
> > 
> > Why the h8? He was speaking in the context of "the state of the
> > art" and in my oh-so-humble opinion CMake is it. The whole of the
> > Autotools stack is very much... not.
> +1
> The suggestion to convince the automake developers to use something
> other than libtool is pointless, because automake should also go
> away, it's at least as obsolete, buggy, unable to maintain backwards
> compatibility, annoying, a massive time waster at build time and a
> major PITA for developers to code with as libtool is. The whole
> autotools stack sucks. It always did, we just didn't have anything
> better. We now do, so why are people still using autotools?

I actually like autotools.

Oh, and I think that cmake is a big trainwreck.


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