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Re: Package review backlog.

Christoph Wickert wrote, at 10/11/2008 10:25 PM +9:00:
Am Freitag, den 10.10.2008, 20:22 -0700 schrieb John Poelstra:

1,212 open Package Review bugs

Thanks for putting up this link, but I think the number is misleading,
because it includes a high number of reviews that are already assigned
and/or have the flag set to "fedora‑review?" A lot of them are waiting
for response from the review requester. AFAICS you searched for all
reviews that are not yet closed, right?

But this reminds me of another problem, which is IMO more important:

Back to my problem: I would have love to do more reviews, but I'm having a hard time trying
to find suitable reviews. Now that we have the reviews with
flags I don't even know how to search bugzilla, because I want to search
only for reviews that don't have a flag set. How to achieve that? When I
search for all review requests with

      * status=new
      * flag is not equal to fedora-review?
      * and
      * flag is not equal to fedora-review+

Bugzilla returns "This list is too long for Red Hat Bugzilla's little
mind..." What I'm I doing wrong?


is perhaps the easiest.


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