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Re: Heads up on ext4 changes

On Sat, Oct 11, 2008 at 6:04 PM, Eric Sandeen <sandeen redhat com> wrote:
> Tom London wrote:
>> Anyway, I can mount manually for now. Sorry I couldn't quickly figure
>> out what was doing this.....
>> tom
> Actually, I wasn't thinking; hal uses udev not blkid; udev will also
> need updates.  Registering both fs types will help, I'll get that done soon.
> /me wishes the ext4dev thing had never come into existence right about now.
> But we'll get it fixed up.
> Thanks,
> -Eric
OK, this is getting spooky....

After "forcing" gnome-mount (via "gnome-mount -d /dev/sdb1 --fstype
ext4"), and unmounting (via gnome-mount -u), I rebooted and forgot to
power off/unplug the USB drive.

After gdm login, the system had no problem mounting the ext4
filesystem (/media/Backup1 was "just there").

Now, each time I "plug in" the USB drive, it just automagically mounts
the ext4 FS without any complaints or problems.

I can only guess that something was "caching" the filesystem type
(udev?) somewhere....

On the up side, this is now "just working" for me.  On the down side,
not sure I can help debug this any longer....

Make sense to you?

Tom London

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