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Re: reviving Fedora Legacy

* Ralf Corsepius [12/10/2008 11:45] :
> Similar proposals have come up several times before (I once proposed
> something like this), but so far, they all had been shoot down so far.

Actually, nothing has ever been proposed.

Occasionnally, someone suggests that updates be released post-EOL and
we then get submerged in proposals that all vary on the set of packages
to be supported, the ABI/API compatibility that should be given, who
will actually maintain what, ...

All of the people willing to work on this project start arguing amongst
themselves as to what is the right thing to do and nothing ever gets
proposed so there's never been anything to refuse.

We then get a whole host of excuses (the most popular of which is that
this is something that can only be done with the Fedora infrastructure),
all of which get replaced with other excuses every time one is shot


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