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Re: Package warning - Rawhide

Richard Hughes wrote:
On Sun, 2008-10-12 at 14:27 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
The PackageKit warning for every single unsigned package - which
happens to be everything in rawhide is just plain annoying. Can't we
do something nice about that?

Being honest, PackageKit should really just abort the transaction in the
unsigned case, as if the mirror has been compromised then we should fail
to upgrade an unsigned package. At the moment rawhide is wide open.

If prevented unsigned packages, nobody would be able to use rawhide at

Maybe a setting in PackageKit.conf might be the best plan:


This is a property of the repository, not of the package manager. If the rawhide repo is fundamentally unsigned, this should be a property in the .repo file itself, not a global property.

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