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Re: reviving Fedora Legacy

Ralf Corsepius <rc040203 freenet de> wrote:


> Openly said, my impression that certain parties in Fedora fear a Fedora
> LTS rsp. life-time-extended Fedora to compete with RH products.

CentOS or other repackaged RHEL is a /much/ greater threat than any Fedora
LTS could ever be... and much easier to maintain to boot. And Red Hat is
going out of its way to make them possible (by segregating the Red Hat only
stuff in easily replaced packages, by not adding a Red Hat icon to
everything they ship (that would be rather easy), by keeping the
distribution as such under GPL, by making the SRPMs publicly available,
even if they aren't forced to do so (yes, there is lots of non-GPL stuff in
RHEL; and GPL doesn't say you have to give source out to everybody freely,
just to anybody who got the binaries and asks)).

This conspiracy theory makes little sense (does any?).
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