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Re: [Fwd: Wikipidia - Goodbye Red Hat and Fedora]

Emmanuel Seyman wrote:
* Les Mikesell [13/10/2008 14:48] :
The issue is that the enterprise distributions don't put their own brand name on the early development work and ship it so users have a smooth transition through development, testing and the final release. But the

Again, this sounds like a problem that the entreprise distributions are

Yes, of course. The change happened when RH stopped shipping X.0 versions that were subsequently updated to X.1, X.2, etc. as they did through up through the 7.3 version, keeping the same community of users through the process.

Working with them to release betas seems like the best
solution to your problem, IMHO.

But Fedora _is_ the beta now... Or at least it was before the direction turned away from something suitable for servers. I'm not quite sure where things are going now.

  Les Mikesell

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