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Re: yafray "renamed" to yafaray - pick it ?

> Hi!
> As announced at http://www.yafray.org, yafaray replaces YafRay 0.0.9.
> Thus I'm thinking of submitting yafray as dead.package in Rawhide. (1)
> On the other side, I'm not going to work on yafaray soon. So, if anyone
> wants to start working on it, feel free.
> Nicolas (kwizart)
> (1), There is no reason why yafray should stop working with the current
> blender releases. But there might be a problem when theses two are
> installed together. (until now, blender either dlopen library or call
> binary, from yafray).
> This has to be discussed in the yafaray review. So, please cc'ed me on
> the review, along with your favorite reviewer. (or ask me as a reviewer).

I may just do that.  One thing though, am I blind or is there nor yafaray
tarball, and I'll have to work from a svn checkout?  (bleah)

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novus ordo absurdum

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