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Re: OpenOffice and go-oo

> But rpm doesn't have any "Suggested" sort of feature, and I don't think
we have comps.xml, and in comps we can put "default" packages which
can be dropped in the livecd, but if ooo-core depends on java you
can't drop it

fine, so for e.g. the lucene if someone wants to do the work to rewrite
(like I did for the an older help system to move it from some java
solution to libxml/libxslt) it to use some functioning non-java solution
they that'd be fine. And for the saxon one, if someone tweaked things so
that the menus that refer to xslt features are only enabled/appear when
saxon is available then that'd be acceptable too, especially for a
fairly power-user feature like "write your own xslt transforms

but in go-oo I'm told that they have replaced some java things with
native replacement like some graphic things for example in sun's ooo
you need java to handle SVG in go-oo you don't

so it's NOT about leaving some un-functional things

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