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Re: transifex and PackageKit

Hi Richard,

On Mon, 2008-10-13 at 17:28 +0100, Richard Hughes wrote: 
> Today I released 0.3.7 and pushed it to rawhide. In a couple of weeks
> time they'll be a bugfix 0.3.8 release that we'll see in F10 and F9.
> Before that time, I would like the translations for PackageKit to be
> updated -- updated translations are very important for the F10 release
> quality and also for the F9 backport.
> You can see the current stats here:
> http://translate.fedoraproject.org/module/packagekit#master

I've taken a look at the German translation and found out that some
messages are really hard to translate, partly because there are no
comments about the context, partly because the messages are not complete
sentences and you didn't use placeholders in there.

For example, I guess the string "Could not find what packages require"
could mean "I can't find out what some packages require that are already
mentioned elsewhere" but it could also be "I can't find out which
packages require (something else not mentioned)". The former should
probably be phrased "Couldn't find what these packages require.", the
latter "Couldn't find which packages require %1$s.": Note the complete
sentences and the indexed placeholder in the second one which lets
translators move around these things if necessary. Add a comment like
"placeholder is a list of packages" to put icing on that ;-).

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