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Re: OpenOffice and go-oo

> go-ooo unfortunately is not a magic version of OOo, so it is just not
> the case that it can fully work without java. On such a "java-less"
> 3.0.0 go-ooo, or even on your own LiveCD java-less OOo of probably
> fedora-vanilla-based 2.4.0...
> a) what happens when you run file->wizards->letter ?
> b) what happens when you enter a search term in the online help (note
> 3.0.0, not 2.4.X) ?
> c) what happens when you use tools->xml filter settings-> and add a new
> xslt transform and use "test xslts"
> d) and what happens when you run oobase and attempt to create a new
> local database.
> Those examples need java to work, whether go-ooo.org or vanilla.
regarding a, c in go-oo 2.4.x they just say "please install jre
package" see attachement

and b,d they are not included in the livecd they are in a separated
package, anyway who needs ooo-base in a livecd, fedora livecd don't
ship any replacement ooo-base

I'm not asking to make the striped openoffice the default, I'm asking
to make the default behaviour in comps to be full featured, but
packages dependency should allow removal of java for spinners like me,
ie. rpm -qpR openoffce.org-{core,writter,impress,calc} should not
mention any java dependency

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