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Re: default XFCE layout

> We have several tweaks in the panel configuration (trash, mailwatch,
> etc) but we [1] want the basic panel layout (top and bottom panel) to
> follow upstream.
the upstream was not happy by trying to move this discussion to their ML
they say that layout is a branding issue and me trying to upstream
that is like claiming to be "I'm always right"

> Upstreaming is for sending patches to upstream. You are talking about branding.


as a summary
many liked it
some says that ubuntu uses a gnome-like two panels
some say it can be easily changed by users so there is no point to change it
some suggest having a first-login layout chooser
and some say that Xfce default layout is not optimal but it's made so
to make gnome users unhappy and to make CDE geeks happy
and some summaries it like this <<EOF
The advantages and disadvantages of setups as I know of now:

 = Two panels =
 + Makes optimal use of the screen corners.
 + Gives the task list enough space on resolutions that are not that wide.
 - Uses more vertical screen real estate.

 = One panel =
 + Saves screen real estate (given that the one panel is not that big like
it is with e.g. KDE) for resolutions that are not that high (which might
occur with the new netbooks which have enough horizontal space due to the
website problem I mentioned above, but are saving on vertical space).
 - Might cause clutter in the panels when too many items are added.

 = Vertical panel(s) =
 - Distorts websites
 - Makes the task list less easy to read

> Nirik has only one account. There is no kaven and kevin is Kevin Kofler.
I was mislead by zodbot

alsadi: .whoowns xfce4-panel
zodbot: alsadi: kevin


> Well, since you included me in that conversation, I would like to note that the simple layout changes suggested here usually do not require invasive patches and can easily be maintained which is one of the usual pain points otherwise but I do not maintain any Xfce package and just the Xfce spin/live cd so this is upto others to decide.

yes it's very simple, It's just to copy the panels .rc files in the right folder
(make the session you love then copy ~/.config/xfce4/panel/ files to

the upstream says that their users are the tarball users who can
compile Xfce not Windows converts who are using Linux for desktop,
that's why they will continue with the CDE layout
but the question now, is Fedora intended for such people [ie. CDE geeks]

please if you decide to keep the upstream CDE styled layout, please
put the defaults in a subpackage so that spinners like me could
replace it
%files default

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