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Re: Sendmail still default?

Lutz Lange wrote:
i've just wondered why sendmail is still the default MTA in Fedora.
Please enlighten me?

Some people (/me waves) were concerned about the element of surprise when someone configures a new system, throws some (user) cron jobs on it, and expects local mail delivery to Just Work.

I also suggested that setting up what happens to cron's mail in anaconda/firstboot would be an adequate solution. However it was too late to do this for F10.

What I'd be interested in for F11 is a screen during install that requires you to either provide a valid e-mail address recipient for root's mail and the default user's mail (with, I suppose, any other mail going to whatever is set up for root), or else explicitly requesting a local-mail capable MTA.

Um... which is actually another reason for local mail being default; in the event a user's mail recipient is not configured, it goes to a local spool only readable by root and that user. If Sue sets up a computer and adds an account for Bob, it's not really ideal if Bob's mail gets sent to sue mydomain com because Bob doesn't have a recipient specified. True, Sue probably has root access and could read Bob's mail if she wanted, but you've gone the extra step to tossing Bob's mail in Sue's inbox without warning.

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