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Re: The Big ACL Opening

Le samedi 18 octobre 2008 à 08:55 +0200, Till Maas a écrit :
> On Sat October 18 2008, Lennart Poettering wrote:
> > I fully understand that not everyone is aware of this connection,
> > especially outside of Germany. But uh, in Germany it is very obvious.
> I live in Germany and am a native speaker, but for me this is not very 
> obvious. I also doubt, that anyone I know would think about someone within 
> Fedora beeing a nazi oder inhuman, because of the groupname uberpackager.

I don't live in Germany and I'm not a native speaker but I also never
was comfortable with über for the aforementionned historical reasons. I
just didn't feel pointing the issue would be well received if not done
by a German himself.

Nicolas Mailhot

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