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Re: private group administration

Colin Walters wrote:

<mw_triad users sourceforge net> wrote:
If 'chmod g+w file;chgrp foo file' is too much work then there should be
a command that can do both.
Groups are broken.  Use access control lists: "man setfacl"
ACLs inherit the brokenness of groups, e.g. it is not possible to enforce that
everything within a certain directory is owned by everyone of a group,

The point is with ACLs you don't need the files to have a specific
ownership (user/group) as long as they have the right ACLs for access.
 A good way to do this is to avoid groups entirely and just add the
users you want individually.

This is unmanageable as the people in groups change. When you are designing operating systems you should understand that underlying data and work processes may need to survive and be usable for decades as the hardware and people change. I don't think anyone working with fedora gets that.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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