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Re: PackageKit soon to include the QPackageKit library, need advice

Richard Hughes wrote:

> Upstream the PackageKit-Qt library binding has been merged into the
> PackageKit scm and will be in the next release tarball. This allows us
> to keep the libraries in sync and also means QPackageKit gets a lot of
> the love that PackageKit gets.

Excellent news!

> Now we have two libraries (soon to be three), I'm intending to rename:
> PackageKit-libs  -> PackageKit-libs-glib
> PackageKit-devel -> PackageKit-glib-devel
> This allows us to create PackageKit-libs-qt and PackageKit-qt-devel and
> then provide this for other QT and KDE applications to trivially build
> against.

I concur with drago01, and would personally opt for names of the form PackageKit-glib(-devel) and PackageKit-qt(-devel), but whatever floats your boat.

-- Rex

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