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Re: Collapsing DVD and CD torrents into one

On Monday, 20 October 2008 at 20:27, Callum Lerwick wrote:
> On Sun, 2008-10-19 at 14:28 +0200, nodata wrote:
> > Am Samstag, den 18.10.2008, 02:50 -0500 schrieb Callum Lerwick:
> > 
> > > I'd suggest just biting the bullet, fire up a vncserver instance, and
> > > run Azureus. It is incredibly flexible 
> > 
> > What about users who don't want to install X just to download a file?
> I was talking about Fedora's own master seeders. Users can use whatever
> they want.
> > Azureus is also a resource hog. rtorrent uses far fewer resources.
> Yes, it is a bloaty pig. But it's the only client I've ever seen that is
> really *designed* to be a master seeder.

AFAIR rtorrent has an "initial" seeding mode, too. I've seen a capital "I"
beside some torrents when running it.


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